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Traveling – Give Kids Ownership of the Trip

In my last post, I summarized our LuckySevenFamily tips for traveling with a blended family (or any group of kids really!).

Today’s post focuses on Tip #1:  Give Kids Ownership of the Trip

We assigned each child a city where we would travel – 5 kids, 5 cities:  Paris, Nice, Florence, Venice and Rome.  Each spent some time before the trip reading about their respective cities, identifying places in the city they would like to visit, recommending restaurants that we should try, and providing historical tidbits they learned.

We also had the kids participate in navigation throughout our trip.  Figuring out how to buy a Metro ticket, determining which train we should hop on based upon the directional maps available, and navigating the train stations to understand what track (binario in Italian) we should go to for our train between Paris and Nice.

These skills not only provide me the reassurance that when the first child asks to spend a year abroad or study abroad for a summer they will know some basics.  These skills grow the kids’ confidence in their abilities, expand their minds by providing a new challenge, and develop their maturity to use teamwork to solve issues.

Our trip to Europe was a fantastic growth opportunity for all!


Travel with Blended Families

So hoping this is true!!


Traveling with Teens and Tweens

Five energetic and opinionated kids, two highly motivated parents, seven suitcases stuffed full with two weeks worth of clothes and shoes and backpacks for all on a two week trip to France and Italy.  This summer, Lucky Seven Family spent the longest consecutive time together in all of our seven years!! We traveled on planes, trains and in automobiles to Paris, Nice, Tuscany and Rome.  And… it was AMAZING!!

What are Lucky Seven Family’s travel tips for making a blended family vacation with five teens and tweens a success?

  1.  Give kids ownership of the trip — involve them in the planning.  Have them identify places they would like to visit, learn and share historical tidbits, and find typical foods of the region to sample
  2.  Strike a balance between activities and downtime — tired teens and parents are not a good mix! Sleep in, allow for changes in the itinerary, and individual re-fueling time (books, electronic games)
  3.  Be prepared to split up — everyone has different interests… take advantage of this and separate occasionally.  This allows for the kids to have a break from one another and an added benefit is growth in parent/step-parent relationships with the kids
  4.   Stay fueled up — hotels in Europe often have free breakfast included; take advantage of an early morning meal to energize the day and the other bonus is it is one meal you don’t have to walk to or pay for!
  5.   Pack water bottles —  Italy is HOT! in July — each day we filled reusable water bottles and carried them in a shared backpack and re-filled throughout the day
  6.   Relax! Smile, laugh, and enjoy — be silly, dance, do cartwheels, make jokes — release the expectations and adopt some of the kids’ silly sayings and behaviors.  Appreciate every moment of the trip as a learning experience for all!



Travel… what I hope we are teaching our children


Travel Tips

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday period, I’m thinking about our travel plans.  What are LuckySevenFamily’s best travel tips for a blended family??

1.  Water bottles and snacks are a must have – hungry or thirsty kids make for cranky travelers!

2.  Headphones for all!  Color-coded makes it even better – see my previous post on organizing in a blended family (www.luckysevenfamily/?p=192)

3.  Speaking of headphones – for a long car or plane ride make sure everyone has at least one movie downloaded that was THEIR choice!

4.  Have a few non-electronic games to play as well — math flashcards, Uno, license plate game, our favorite:  “where will you be in XXX years?”

5.  Give each kid a chance to choose something — kids love to feel they were involved in decision making and also feel that their voices matter!

Since it is Thanksgiving season — one thing on our list for travel is to have each child share something they are thankful for.  They each have lots to be thankful for.  For me, one of my top items will be LuckySevenFamily!!




My post earlier this week was about being away from my blended family during my extensive business travel.  I found this quote from Thomas Jefferson today.  It is true for me; when I travel alone, I have time to reflect on things that I am often too busy to think about when I’m with my blended family.  Now, don’t get me wrong… I LOVE traveling with my kids and my husband too! It’s just a different experience; travel with my blended family is filled with amazing experiences!travel Jefferson quote