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Traveling – Give Kids Ownership of the Trip

In my last post, I summarized our LuckySevenFamily tips for traveling with a blended family (or any group of kids really!).

Today’s post focuses on Tip #1:  Give Kids Ownership of the Trip

We assigned each child a city where we would travel – 5 kids, 5 cities:  Paris, Nice, Florence, Venice and Rome.  Each spent some time before the trip reading about their respective cities, identifying places in the city they would like to visit, recommending restaurants that we should try, and providing historical tidbits they learned.

We also had the kids participate in navigation throughout our trip.  Figuring out how to buy a Metro ticket, determining which train we should hop on based upon the directional maps available, and navigating the train stations to understand what track (binario in Italian) we should go to for our train between Paris and Nice.

These skills not only provide me the reassurance that when the first child asks to spend a year abroad or study abroad for a summer they will know some basics.  These skills grow the kids’ confidence in their abilities, expand their minds by providing a new challenge, and develop their maturity to use teamwork to solve issues.

Our trip to Europe was a fantastic growth opportunity for all!


Travel… what I hope we are teaching our children