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Happy Easter!!

It’s a gorgeous day in Massachusetts.  I have so much to be thankful for…

I woke up to my daughter taking her new puppy out at 7:30am; this puppy has definitely changed her sleeping habits.  Like a typical teenager, she used to be the kid that had to be dragged unwillingly from bed every morning; excuses galore as to why she shouldn’t have to wake up.  Now, she bounces out of bed after setting her own alarm clock – wow! what a difference a puppy makes!  It was clearly a big decision to decide we should add a puppy to our crazy, fun, blended lives but as a parent, I’ve found that the joy is seeing your children happy is one of the very best feelings I’ve ever enjoyed in life.

As the kids continue to grow and mature, they don’t always want to participate in traditions.  For example, last night, my 16yo son politely nodded off participating in dyeing Easter eggs with us.  Bitter sweet times…

My daughter, however, was a willing participant and we spent an hour together designing.  Although she’s grown out of the actual hunting of Easter eggs, it was a tradition I hope we can maintain as she gets older.  These seemingly “little” things that tie us together.  These things that make us smile.

Happy Easter everyone!  Enjoy every minute! Gratitude!



Happy Mother’s Day!

Well, I’m a couple of days getting to my Mother’s Day post – better late than never!!

The photo I’ve posted is one of my mother.  My brother, sister and I lost our mother to cancer when we were all quite young (I was twenty years old, they were even younger — I still cringe at the thought of both of them being teenagers when she died.  The big sister in me, I guess).  Losing our mother was difficult for all of us; we all dealt with it in incredibly varied ways.  Ultimately, for all three of us, I know our mother instilled in our hearts and souls such incredible strength – that is what has gotten us all through and helped us become the people we are today.

My mom was amazing – she was the class mom, the neighborhood mom, the dance mom, the band mom (and many, many others things – a wonderful wife and a fabulous friend).  She left major shoes to fill; every day I strive to achieve a percentage of what she achieved as a mother.   I love her and miss her every day.

Here’s the Tuesday Tip for the day — Tell your mother you love her everyday! Don’t waste a single day with her!  If you are a mother or a motherly figure to someone, seek to instill your knowledge, strength and love for that person every day – never waste an opportunity to show your love.

Mother’s Day