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I hope one day, our Lucky Seven Family children will be able to look back on their times together and think exactly this! It is so much fun to watch them play and grow together!

Family Recipe Favorites

I am always looking for ways to create memories for our blended family.  How do we keep five kids with busy schedules, different interests, and limited time together connected to one another?

One way is our favorite family recipes… things we’ve been baking or creating together for years.  We make these foods on vacations together or for our special celebrations.

The first creation we ever made was “K-B Mud Pie”.  This yummy summer treat is an ice cream pie we created on our first Lucky Seven Family trip to Cape Cod.

K-B Mud Pie:

oreo cookie pie crust (make your own for more fun! let the kids crush the oreos with a ziploc bag and mallet!)

your family’s favorite ice cream

chocolate syrup

whipped cream (one of our kids is a pro at making homemade whipped cream – much better than the canned stuff!)

Fill your pie crust with ice cream, decorate with chocolate syrup and freeze.  Cover with whipped cream when ready to serve.

Enjoy your family’s creation and savor the memories you are making!!