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New Experiences

In this day of e- and i-everything… i-phones, e-devices, etc, we really focus on getting the kids out in the world and participating in new experiences.  We are lucky to have kids that are eager travelers and typically up for trying most anything (albeit, occasionally with a massive push from one of their parents!)

This summer vacation we’ve had the amazing opportunity to visit a ranch in Montana with Russell’s family (thank you!) and the kids have enjoyed ATV riding (helmets!!), horseback riding, and the rodeo thus far.  More to come during the remainder of the trip with white water rafting, clay pigeon shooting, and Yellowstone National Park!

I hope that we are instilling in our children the love of travel and adventure and the ability to put themselves out their and try new things.

“Be Brave.  Take Risks.  Nothing Can Substitute Experience” — Paulo Coehlo

Horseback riding on Lakota


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