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Gap Year

I’ve been in Japan this week; honored to be invited to speak at the Japan Society of Inherited Metabolic Disorders (JSIMD).  While I was away, I talked to my daughter as many times as possible.  Let me first explain my daughter – she is a bundle of excited energy and passion – always.  She has been since joined this beautiful world.  Spunky, enthusiastic, curious…

So during one of our calls she proposed a “gap year”.  I clarified that she meant between high school and college.  She smiled at me over the Facetime connection and said “no! before high school; you are at the PEAK of your travel mom and I should join you”.

I love this child’s spirit – I have a very difficult time putting into words the love and respect I have for her… what 13 year old wants to jump on a plane to Tokyo? wants to travel to Bora Bora (much less has photos of the place on her phone!)?

Cultivation- that is my goal with my daughter.  I want to provide her every opportunity to hop on a plane and see the world; wherever she can go – whatever I can do to have her join me I will.

Not totally sure about a full gap year between middle and high school but her proposal IS an interesting one (again, what kid would think of such a thing?!)

Explore the world – see as much as you can my beautiful girl… Love, Mim



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