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Happy New Year! Welcome 2015!!

Happy New Year from Lucky Seven Family!

It’s January 1, 2015 and time to make New Year’s resolutions for Lucky Seven Family!

1.  Focus on gratitude – I want our children to appreciate what they have; not only physical possessions – more importantly, the lifelong connections they are making and the incredible experiences they are fortunate enough to enjoy.

2.  Relax!  This one is really a reminder to myself.  When we are together as a blended family, I often find myself trying to make everything the “perfect” occasion.  Whether it is a dinner, an outing or other event, this year my goal is to enjoy our time together and not worry too much about “how it is supposed to be”.  #Live the moment!

3.  Find one way to connect with each of the kids this year and use it to grow my relationship with each child.  Some of my current ideas are:  muscle cars, basketball, tennis, and brain games.  This will be a fun way to learn more about the children and learn something new; all with the goal of growing important relationships!

Blue Happy New Year 2015 Greeting Art Paper Card

Happy Holidays!!

Holiday traditions:

Because we don’t get to spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day all together given the distance between our homes (3 hours for our new readers!) and our custody agreements, we always plan a weekend of together time to have a holiday dinner, bake Christmas cookies and exchange gifts. This year, Thanksgiving and Christmas fall very close to one another and our LuckySevenFamily weekends between the two holidays are limited. We’ve decided that it is best to postpone our family celebration until the new year. Regardless of the timing, these traditions remain paramount to our blended family’s success.

We hope that these traditions are ones that the children will remember into adulthood and hopefully find ways to continue as they grow and build their own lives!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

IMG_4394And the final posts from the kids today…

It’s the boys’ turn –

The 7th grader:  I am thankful for having fun with our family and having nice family dinners together.  I am also thankful for spending time with my Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle and cousin here in Hawaii.

The 8th grader:  I am thankful for our family, food on the table, and that we can share nice family trips together.


What Are You Thankful For?

Today, it’s the oldest child’s turn to share what she is thankful for…

Her family and friends and all of the experiences she has with them and the memories she has made with them.

What are you thankful for?

WIN_20141125_141936What are you thankful for?  That was my question to all of our kids on our flight (our very long flight!).

Working up to Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a couple of their thoughts today…

I’ll share the two “little” girls’ comments today… the oldest of the “little” girls is starting to object to the term “little girls”; I suspect they will be the “little girls” to us even when they are off to college!

For the youngest, she is thankful for being able to go on really cool trips and for all the nice things she gets on her birthday.  Now remember, she is only eight years old so she isn’t likely to come up with something much outside of her realm of the world; however, she does recognize that not every child has the opportunities she does, and for eight years old, that’s an important thing to know!

For the oldest “little girl”, she is thankful for our family, our trips and that we have plenty of food.  We’ve been talking about donations to NoKidHungry recently and how we can have an impact on child hunger both in our town and on a larger scale.

Today, I’m thankful for this crazy, amazing, fun family that we have blended.  As I’m typing this, four of them are playing and laughing; for that, I am thankful!


Honoring Veterans today…



Not only do we live in two states which alone makes life crazy!

I travel a lot for work – especially in the Spring and Fall.  This travel often means that I am away from my children and my husband (and often the entire family) over weekends.  Our weekends are sacred – it’s the time we get to really “be” together.

While I am away, I try to focus on the positive — some of those positives include:

1.  I get to “test” the places I want to travel with my husband

2.  Thinking about my first trip to _____ (Italy, Paris, etc) with my sweet little girl

3.  Considering how my awesome son would “see” the architecture in every city I visit

4.  Bringing great wines home to share with my guy

5.  Being reminded of how important my family is – “absence makes the heart grow fonder”




How it should be…

My birthday was a few days ago and I had a great day with my kiddos.

First message of the day was from my wonderful husband.  We didn’t get to spend the day together due to the distance between us and my birthday occurred in the middle of the week.  He did send me beautiful flowers which were waiting for me when I got home from work.  So sweet!!

The second message I received was from my ex-husband.  Here’s the text:

“Happy birthday!! Wishing you the best and expressing my gratitude for you and your love of our kids on your special day”

When I observe negative outcomes of divorce, which unfortunately for many happen often, I am thankful that my ex and I have been able to maintain a relationship that focuses on the best thing for our children.  An involved mother and father, even if they don’t live in the same household, is a positive for children.  I am so appreciative of the ability to provide an example of respect and gratitude to my children through my relationship with my ex each day.  If only others could put their feelings and emotions aside and focus on the importance of both parents in a child’s life!

Letting in…

Today as I was holding a ‘trikonasana’ (triangle pose) in yoga, the instructor pushed us to “notice the room created to let things in and notice what we let go of”.  As I focused on my practice I thought of how I could apply that in my life.  On my drive home from an invigorating practice, I considered how her instructions applied to our blended family.

Consider letting in:  your step-children, your step-family, your life

Considering letting go of:  frustration created by ex-spouses, difficulties with scheduling, hurt created by missing one another

Apply the above to your blended family, seek to create positive interactions in your crazy, fun life…

Blended Family Quotes: Respect

Russell and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner together while on vacation in Cape Cod this past week.  We had a beautiful view of the beach in Chatham with such amazing colors entertaining us during the early evening.  The blue of the ocean, the green of the trees and the oranges and pinks of the sun in the distance were amazing.

During dinner we were discussing our relationship and our blended family and how truly content and in love we are with one another.  Perhaps a bit sentimental and sappy, but I even shed a couple of tears of joy during this conversation.  We continued the discussion about what our success hinges upon and he said something that I believe deserves quote status!

I don’t always agree with you, but I respect you, and with that respect comes knowing that you have an intelligent reason for your position.  — Russell D. Beste

I believe respect is essential to any successful relationship – for a husband and wife living 3 hours apart during the week it is a key contributor to keeping our communication channel open.