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Sweet 16 – Celebrate!

It’s time for us to celebrate the oldest child’s Sweet 16!

Having a teenage daughter is not always easy; having a teenage step-daughter can also be tough.

Despite the rocky times, there are a lot of positives about seeing a daughter mature and grow into a young woman.

So in honor of this important upcoming birthday, today’s Tuesday Tip is CELEBRATE!!

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self confidence

Fostering Self-esteem

Recently, on a Lucky Seven Family ski trip, I found myself pondering how much independence was enough for all 5 kids.  How can I foster their self-esteem and build their ability to make informed, confident decisions?  What is the balance of providing direction versus being too controlling?

On this ski trip, we allowed all of the kids to go out on the slopes without us.  In the past, we have let the two boys (13 and 14 years old) ski alone while the rest of us were slowing waking up and donning our layers, gloves and hats.  This year, the younger girls (the oldest daughter is unfortunately injured and can’t ski this year — another post… what to do with her on a family ski trip!) were allowed to go out with the boys to ski without parents as well.  Granted, they have all been skiing since the young age of 3 so we have no concern about ability.  It’s really more about trust and putting my anxiety aside.  Trusting that they will make good decisions, watch out for one another and stick together.

Letting them ski alone is just one example of an opportunity for independence that provides our children with an understanding that their parents trust them to make decisions and believe in their abilities.  Often as parents we may think that being with them all the time protects our children, and it may in some ways, but it also may inhibit their ability to grow their own self-confidence.  Although it may be difficult to provide these opportunities to your children because of your own fears, give it a try and let your kids bomb the mountain!

Something to think about!


Enjoying Life

I’m reading an interesting book by Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul.  Something that struck me and pertains to life in general, but also to living with a blended family (any family really!)… “Enjoy life instead of clinging to it or pushing it away” — so many times in my experience with blended family living, I have expected perfection – perfect behavior, perfect memories, perfect lives… maybe we should learn to just live it! Live the life we have, appreciate the life we have and those that are in it.  I’m striving to do this every day.  Let this post be a reminder to me to ENJOY LIFE!

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year from LuckySevenFamily!!!

I’ve been away from the blog but it’s time to come back.  Looking forward to sharing in 2016!


Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.  — Henry Ford





I’ve been away for a while!

A little healthy competition between kids is never a bad thing – but how do you keep the competition “healthy”? How do you keep it in check?  Tonight my kids were discussing an email that one of their lacrosse coaches sent.  The email was recognizing my daughter for playing goalie by suggesting that she was following in her big brother’s footsteps.  Of course, it was a compliment to both kids.  How do I make sure they both see the positive related to not only themselves, but also each other?

I hope that we are teaching all of our children to be happy for one another, to celebrate the successes they each have – small or large. We toast to happy occasions and we congratulate for accomplishments.  I hope that they keep these lessons top of mind as they mature!