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Tuesday Tip: Flexibility

We have different agreements with ex-es regarding scheduling time with our kids.  Okay, one of us actually has an “agreement” while the other has an order.  Because my ex- and I schedule everything month-by-month to allow for maximum  flexibility with work travel and evening events, as well as weekend needs, I usually have the leeway to accommodate Russell’s more strict schedule with his children.

Working to maximize our time together, this translates into my schedule being somewhat dictated by his custody agreement.

This irritates me.  Why should I have to always be the one making concessions?  Anger…

Then, something shakes me.  Maybe it’s a slap across the face.  I remember it could be so much worse.  Flexibility is good!

We could be in a situation where both of us had court-ordered custody agreements and ex-es hell bent on making life as difficult as possible for our blended family.  Many of you know what this is like; you know how it feels every day.

So, on the days that I get frustrated, I remind myself that flexibility is good.  I say a quiet thank you to my ex for wanting what is best for our children.

Blending a family isn’t easy.  Focusing on what is good is not always easy either – make it a habit.  Make it your goal.



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