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Tuesday Tips: Pets

Connections between modern, blended families can be difficult to maintain; step-siblings living together only part-time leads to potential for disconnect.  How can their parents make sure that there are consistent connections for the children?

For LuckySevenFamily, one of our consistent connections is our dog, Shredder.  Shredder is an adopted chocolate lab (or at least almost chocolate lab!).  We got Shredder about 18 months into our relationship.  The first bonding moment for all of the kids regarding Shredder was naming him.  His “real” name is “Cocoa Shredder” because the kids couldn’t decide between a “chocolate” name and something more “cool”.  So we agreed to both!

Shredder spends part of his time in Vermont and part in Massachusetts.  If I’m traveling for work he typically stays in Vermont.  If Russell has to be away, Shredder is in Massachusetts.  When Shredder is in VT, my kids ask when he will be coming to our MA home and vice versa with Russell’s kids!  When we are all together on the weekend, Shredder gets attention from all 5 kids!

Let me be clear that I don’t suggest a dog or any pet for all families – please, please be considerate of whether your family really has the time to devote to an animal – this is not a decision to take without significant consideration!  However, if you can devote the love and attention that an animal requires, this is one way to add a bond between your blended family.



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