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Forgive Yourself!

Monday was a holiday for both my kids and me.  We planned our day the weekend prior; sifting through “things to do in Boston” websites looking for something that both kids found interesting and exciting.  We landed on a new indoor ropes course near our home and then lunch together and a trip to the bookstore.  The ropes course was a nerve-wracking experience for this mom that is scared of heights (and the fear seems to be getting worse with age!).  When I first got up to the platform my palms were sweaty as I hugged the pole for dear life and considered turning around.  My kids’ faces were that of true disappointment when I told them I couldn’t do it.  The little voice inside of me told me I’d regret not even trying and my kids’ support (they both crossed back over to do the obstacle with me) helped me to take the first step.  I did it!

Later that day, having checked the ballet school’s website and convincing myself my daughter still had ballet lessons despite the holiday, she got dressed, we wrapped her hair into a bun and we raced off to get her to ballet in time.  When we pulled up to the studio, my daughter asked me if I was sure the studio was open.  I assured her I had checked the website and yes, it was open.  She asked if I would just wait for her to check (trust your intuition is the lesson here!).  Sure enough, out comes running my daughter from the studio; she describes the studio as “definitely closed” as she gives me the details — the rooms are dark and all the doors are closed!  Immediately I consider how I could have potentially dropped her off, drove away and left her with no way to contact me!

So, what does this have to do with a Tuesday Tip??  The tip is FORGIVE YOURSELF!

I could definitely be upset with myself for messing up the schedule, not being organized enough to actually have the schedule we received from the studio at the beginning of the year (no idea where that is!!), and for potentially (but luckily not!) leaving my daughter alone at a deserted dance studio for 2 1/2 hours!  But, I’m not going to perseverate on this mistake – everyone makes them! This one ended with no major negative outcomes.

My tip today is to try to be nice to yourself and forgive yourself for small things (and even large things!).  I spent a wonderful day with my kids – that is what I’m going to remember!


2 Thoughts on “Forgive Yourself!

  1. Great lessons for all of us!

  2. Jennifer traino on January 22, 2015 at 3:40 am said:

    Love this !!!!!!

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