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What are you thankful for?

WIN_20141125_141936What are you thankful for?  That was my question to all of our kids on our flight (our very long flight!).

Working up to Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a couple of their thoughts today…

I’ll share the two “little” girls’ comments today… the oldest of the “little” girls is starting to object to the term “little girls”; I suspect they will be the “little girls” to us even when they are off to college!

For the youngest, she is thankful for being able to go on really cool trips and for all the nice things she gets on her birthday.  Now remember, she is only eight years old so she isn’t likely to come up with something much outside of her realm of the world; however, she does recognize that not every child has the opportunities she does, and for eight years old, that’s an important thing to know!

For the oldest “little girl”, she is thankful for our family, our trips and that we have plenty of food.  We’ve been talking about donations to NoKidHungry recently and how we can have an impact on child hunger both in our town and on a larger scale.

Today, I’m thankful for this crazy, amazing, fun family that we have blended.  As I’m typing this, four of them are playing and laughing; for that, I am thankful!


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