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Happy Mother’s Day!

Well, I’m a couple of days getting to my Mother’s Day post – better late than never!!

The photo I’ve posted is one of my mother.  My brother, sister and I lost our mother to cancer when we were all quite young (I was twenty years old, they were even younger — I still cringe at the thought of both of them being teenagers when she died.  The big sister in me, I guess).  Losing our mother was difficult for all of us; we all dealt with it in incredibly varied ways.  Ultimately, for all three of us, I know our mother instilled in our hearts and souls such incredible strength – that is what has gotten us all through and helped us become the people we are today.

My mom was amazing – she was the class mom, the neighborhood mom, the dance mom, the band mom (and many, many others things – a wonderful wife and a fabulous friend).  She left major shoes to fill; every day I strive to achieve a percentage of what she achieved as a mother.   I love her and miss her every day.

Here’s the Tuesday Tip for the day — Tell your mother you love her everyday! Don’t waste a single day with her!  If you are a mother or a motherly figure to someone, seek to instill your knowledge, strength and love for that person every day – never waste an opportunity to show your love.

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