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Tuesday Tip #16: Blended Family Breaks

It’s Spring Break in our blended family world!  Spring Break usually means separate vacations for our blended family.  Given that we live in different states, our children’s school breaks are usually separated by one week, making planning a trip together impossible.  For our relationship, time away from one another is tough – we only see each other on weekends; those weekends are precious time, of which we are very protective.  Truthfully, it is always difficult for me to see Russell leave for a week or 10 days away, usually to California to visit his mother and friends.  Admittedly, my sadness is selfish.  I recognize and admit this.  I also know that our time spent individually with our respective children is very important.  A blended family requires embracing the core relationship between each parent and their biological children; this is what helps me get through his VT Spring break and I know it is what helps him get through my MA Spring break.  The time away helps us grow the relationships with our children, strengthening the core that supports our ability to be a successful blended family.  So, I will embrace the time away and focus on enjoying the precious time with my two children while I celebrate Russell having time with his three.  Soon, we will be back together:  Lucky Seven Family!

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