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Splitting Up

Didn’t mean to alarm you with the title of today’s Tuesday Tip!

I certainly don’t mean splitting up for forever; what I’m referring to is splitting up for the good of the blended family children and also for the sanity of blended family parents.  Spending time together as a blended family is important and helps build ever-lasting bonds; however, there are times that kids need a break from one another.  When we travel together or when we spend our weekends together, Russell and I will often split up and each take 2 or 3 of the kids to do different activities depending on their interests.  Sometimes we split up by biological kids, sometimes by girls or boys, sometimes by older and younger.   We also try to mix up the grouping of which parent with which group of kids so we both get experiences with all of them.  I might take the younger girls to the pool while Russell and the older kids play basketball.  Russell might take the boys to play golf and I make take the girls on a shopping spree.  By doing this, we give our family increased exposure to activities they enjoy and everyone gains by having more, focused time with one another.

All together time is important too; kids have to learn to compromise and make trade-offs.  By using the technique of splitting up you are helping to balance their need for individuality and attention while still building your family’s ever-growing love and respect for one another.

Lead by Example

I’m working on a post about this…

lead by example

Happy Mother’s Day

I am a LUCKY mom and stepmom!! Also LUCKY to have had a wonderful mother, if only for a short time.

IMG_0620 mommaIMG_4501


Always remember:

“Stress has the same root as strength”

— George Chrousos, MD


The entire clan and Grandma Sandy at Disneyland!  We always seem to find a way to make it work… this trip included my kids flying with me to LA, meeting up with Russell, his kids, Grandma Sandy for a day at Disneyland and California Adventureland, me traveling to San Diego for work, and Russell taking my kids with him for a couple of days to Santa Barbara.. swimming, biking, and the beach.  Finished with me joining them again in Santa Barbara for a day! Wow – what a Spring Break!!

Disneyland 2016 v2

Happy National Siblings Day!

These lucky kids will have so many sibling memories!


A post from my daughter!

Hi!! I’m Nerissa/ Mim’s (that’s what I call her) 11 year old daughter. I think that having a big family is really fun but sometimes a little chaotic! I mostly hangout with my 10 year old step sister ( she just turned 10 ) because my brother is with my older step brother. My brother also plays with the oldest kid out of the 7 of us. Everyone calls my step sister and I the little kids, but i don’t understand the name because i am taller than my OLDER step brother!! All in all, I love my family!




Sweet 16 – Celebrate!

It’s time for us to celebrate the oldest child’s Sweet 16!

Having a teenage daughter is not always easy; having a teenage step-daughter can also be tough.

Despite the rocky times, there are a lot of positives about seeing a daughter mature and grow into a young woman.

So in honor of this important upcoming birthday, today’s Tuesday Tip is CELEBRATE!!

bday cake


self confidence